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Drivestyle (derived from the words “drive” and “lifestyle”) is an apparel company, founded with the sole purpose to celebrate everything automotive. They consider driving to be a magical experience, and cherish the car culture and the communities built around it.


Logo Design
Visual Identity system

The aim of the brand is to create apparel and merchandise dedicated to the global car scene and street car culture, with the intention of paying tribute to the experience of driving; and the incredible automobiles built throughout history.

The Goal

Mohamed, the founder of the company, reached out, wanting to build a brand identity from scratch. There was no precedent - just a clean slate! With well formed ideas for the direction of the company, his vision for the logo was that it would unmistakably reflect the nature of the brand: assertive, bold, unapologetic, youthful; and be one that would leave a strong impression. Specialising in apparel, one of the key focal points was a seamless transfer of the logo across different media such as caps, t-shirts, hoodies, and the like.


The Process

With the client's interest always in sight, the objective was to stay on track and not steer away from those requirements. Balancing this along with good design is quite the task; but the result of which would be a potent, practical and own-able scheme. The locus of effective design solutions, as with any project, is in exploring concepts based on the provided brief.

A couple of sketches in, I jumped into Adobe Illustrator to further explore digitally. The initial explorations revolved around a monogram, as that is what I had envisaged. Having mulled it over, my approach pivoted towards a logo type, given that the character length was ideal for with a visually appealing logo. Using Gotham as a base font, minor tweaks were make to suit the mood of the logo. After some fine-tuning, a couple of selected variants were presented to the client.


Round of Revisions

The client's thoughts were more inclined to a monogram style logo with a word mark. And although that is what I too had started off with, my inclination was toward a logo type with the added advantage of being able to extract a secondary icon from it. This would help them use the icon on space restricted applications. There was a difference in opinion, but laying down the vision and sharing the reasons for the change from a monogram to a logo type put things in perspective for the client. This insight led to him agreeing to go ahead with the the originally proposed concept.


Colour palette and Typography

The colour palette revolves around a muted dark blue and white as the primary colours, with sparse pops of red and muted khaki to add an element of contrast and a visual appeal.

Gotham was originally used as the font for the primary logotype which was then used as the body font for the brand's identity collaterals.


The Outcome

This avant-garde brand, as specific with its client persona as can be, was given a face with its new identity.

Although relatively fresh to the apparel industry, their new brand reverberated the company's message of authenticity, which quickly gave them eminence amongst competitors. This has successfully increased the overall value of the company by reinforcing their position in the market place, attracting better quality customers with higher retention rates, and raising the perceived value of the product.

As an added perk, it is also serving to be common ground for like-driven automotive aficionados to share their enthusiasm and ardor; a platform for automotive enthusiasts, united by a common passion.


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