Book Title: This book will teach you how to write better | Author: Neville Medhora

Starting January 2020, I decided I would read one book every month. I like to read but 2019 happened to be a year of very little reading. I attempted to read multiple books at a time. Not a good idea. Here's a word of advice: if you're trying to get into the habit of reading, I'd highly recommend you start with less, either one or a maximum of two books at a time.

Anyway, that's the back story behind me writing the review of this book. I wanted to improve on my writing skills, and picked the above mentioned book as my January read.

I'm not a native english speaker. On top of that, my english lessons in school barely did me any good (Just to give you an idea: I'm 24, and I recently learned that "..." is called 'ELLIPSIS'. I used to call it 'dot dot dot').

person writing on a book with a pen with a coffee mug on the table

Ok, enough blabber! Time for the book review.

I read all my books on Kindle. So I bought the Kindle variant of the book ($4.40) and it's one of those short (56 pages), but effective books.

As the name suggests, it teaches you how to write better. Now notice, it says how to write 'better' and not the 'best'. The definition of 'better' varies from person to person. I personally have noticed a betterment in my writing after employing some of the things I learned from this read.

When you're reading this book, remember not to have a mentality to 'write better than everyone', but rather to just 'write better'.

The language used by the author is super easy and understandable. As a non-native english speaker, I didn't have to refer to a dictionary or go to google. All was easily digestible. The author focuses on the points that matter, rather than just beating around the bush. On top of that, the author also shares examples and templates to better convey his points, which is quite helpful.

Key Takeaways:

Here are few pointers that I learned from the book :

  • Be original. Write as you think and talk. Don't try to be the best author, try to be the best communicator
  • Focus on an interesting delivery. People listen to what's interesting. Get their attention and tell them why you got their attention.
  • Use humour, but be REAL. Borrowed humour never works.
  • Don't try to 'IMPRESS' the reader, rather 'INFORM' them. People tend to stick to information, and not an impression.
  • Focus more on writing good content, than on grammar or vocabulary (Unless you're writing the OXFORD DICTIONARY, in which case, you're reading the wrong article)

The book ends with some brain hacks that the author recommends to set the right mood for writing, which has had a big impact on my writing; more than I thought it would. Just simple brain hacks, but very effective to get the creative juices going.

You can find the book on Amazon or from your nearest bookstore and learn ways to make your writing better.