About me

Hi, I'm Blesson.
I am a Logo and Brand Identity designer.

The core aim of my work is to help individuals and businesses effectively broadcast their values, by designing a memorable and positive Identity system for their brand.

Having invested time and learning into this field over the past 2 years, I am previliged to be able to say that it is now my full-time job! To pursue my dream and make a living doing something I love, day in and day out, is humbling; and I am the most grateful. 

With a perpetual desire to better myself as an individual, I'm a constant learner and am always looking for ways to grow. I currently specialise in Logo Design and brand identity at the moment, with hopes of expanding my horizons to “BRANDING & STRATEGY” in its entirety, in the coming years.



I also host a podcast titled 'THE BLESS SHOW', a show solely focused on helping creative solo entrepreneurs boost their business skills. We interact with experts around the world, talk about their journey and learn from their experience as a business owner.

The episodes are a mix of solo shows and interviews featuring guests like Michael Janda, Tom Ross, Ian Paget, Connor Fowler, Ryan Hayward and many more amazing entrepreneurs; with expertise in web design, hand lettering, social media marketing and digital media, to mention a few. The episodes are aimed to help you gather insight into entrepreneurship that you can effectively put to practice, to grow your business. Click here to stream it on your podcast streaming platform.

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